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The Benefits of Air Integration for Dive Computers: Elevating Your Underwater Experience


In scuba diving, technology continues revolutionizing how we explore the underwater world. One of the most significant advancements in recent years is the integration of air management systems into dive computers, especially using remote transmitters rather than long integrated hoses.

These devices, like the Peregrine TX from Shearwater, offer a host of benefits that enhance your dive safety and enjoyment. We’ll delve into the key advantages of air integration and why it might be the game-changer you need for your next underwater adventure.

Streamlined Profile

A streamlined profile is crucial for reducing drag and enhancing maneuverability underwater. Traditional setups with separate pressure gauges and hoses on large consoles can create extra drag, making it more difficult to move efficiently through the water.  The new wireless air-integrated dive computers mean that a simple SPG gauge becomes a backup and can be placed on a shorter hose, clipped tight to the diver’s body. resulting in a more streamlined and hydrodynamic profile.

The Peregrine TX exemplifies this benefit by integrating all necessary information into a compact, wrist-worn device. This reduces drag and minimizes the risk of entanglement with underwater obstacles. A streamlined profile enhances overall diving performance and conserves energy, especially during longer or more challenging dives.

Streamlined profile of a Scuba Diver
Streamlined profile of a Scuba Diver

Improved Gas Management

One of the foremost benefits of air integration in dive computers is improved gas management. Traditional dive computers require divers to manually monitor their gas consumption, which can be cumbersome and imprecise. On the other hand, air-integrated dive computers provide real-time data on your remaining gas supply, allowing for more accurate and efficient gas planning.

The Peregrine TX, for instance, calculates your Gas Time Remaining (GTR) based on your current depth and air consumption rate. This feature is beneficial for avoiding the common mistake of overstaying your bottom time and ensures you can ascend safely with a sufficient air reserve. By having a precise understanding of your gas consumption, you can confidently extend your dives, knowing exactly how much air you have left at all times.


Another significant advantage offered by air-integrated dive computers is convenience. Managing multiple pieces of equipment can be challenging, especially for beginners. With an air-integrated system like the Peregrine TX, you only need to look in one place for your critical dive information, reducing the need to check multiple gauges.

The Peregrine TX‘s intuitive interface makes it easy to access critical information such as depth, time, and remaining air pressure all in one glance. This streamlining of essential data reduces the cognitive load on divers, allowing them to focus more on the underwater environment and less on managing their equipment. For experienced divers, this can mean smoother, more enjoyable dives, and for beginners, it translates to a more accessible and less intimidating introduction to scuba diving.

The Shearwater Peregrine TX
The Shearwater Peregrine TX


Safety is paramount in scuba diving, and air integration significantly enhances diver safety. By providing real-time updates on air consumption, dive computers like the Peregrine TX help prevent critical situations where a diver might run low on air unexpectedly. Constantly monitoring and calculating the remaining gas supply allows divers to make informed decisions about their dive duration and ascent.

While divers must have the education and experience to make safe underwater decisions, computers like the Peregrine TX offer additional safety features such as customizable alarms for low air pressure, rapid ascent rates, and decompression stops. These alerts ensure divers are always aware of their status and can take corrective actions promptly. The enhanced situational awareness provided by air integration can be a lifesaver, particularly in complex dive environments or emergencies.


Air integration is a transformative feature that offers numerous benefits for scuba divers. From improved gas management and convenience to a streamlined profile and enhanced safety, air-integrated dive computers like the Shearwater Peregrine TX are indispensable tools for modern divers. Whether you’re a beginner looking for an accessible entry point into scuba diving or an experienced diver seeking to optimize your underwater adventures, Peregrine TX provides the necessary technology and reliability.

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