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Truli Wetsuits: Truly Designed For Women

Mia Toose is passionate about wetsuits.

The CEO of Truli Wetsuits says her mission is:

“To provide female water sport lovers with women’s wetsuits that reflect their desire for both high performance gear and captivating style.”

Erin White modeling the Truli-ful wetsuit with designer Mia Toose.

A big part of designing wetsuits for women revolves around resolving the lack of sizing, or the “one size fits all” mentality in many traditional wetsuit manufacturer’s lineups.

Truli Wetsuits have 21 sizes! As part of embracing a new dynamic for women’s watersport apparel, Mia explains that there are no Small, Medium or Large sizes. Truli Wetsuits range in size from Freedom to Determined…yes, those are sizes…along with Fierce, Bold, Daring, Visionary, Courage…and more affirmative designations.

Truli-Mi and Truli-Capri wetsuits in bold colors

Beyond the body-positive sizing, Truli Wetsuits are specifically designed to fit a woman’s figure. With fleece linings for extra core warmth and comfort, anatomically correct cut, sleeveless designs (on some models) for non-restrictive movement, ultraspan neoprene for super stretch and Duraskin front and back panels for sleek support, these are high-performance wetsuits for all water activities.

Truli Wetsuits have a fleece lining for core warmth.

Toose says:

“We recognize that women who feel good in their gear and apparel perform better, possess confidence, and feel empowered to pursue their sports and adventure goals. Wetsuits for bold, charming, and adventurous water women.”

The Truli-ful the Beautiful full-length wetsuit retails for US$549 (~480 Euros), while the Truli-Hapi full sleeve, short bottom wetsuit retails for $299 (~261 Euros). The Truli-Mi sleeveless shorty is $249 (~217 Euros) and the Truli-Capri sleeveless, Capri-cut legs wetsuit retails for $299 (~261 Euros).

For more information, detailed descriptions, sizing and ordering, check out the website at

John Griffith
John Griffith
John Griffith is an avid SCUBA and Freediver based in Southeast Florida, with over 34 years of experience in the recreational, military and commercial dive fields. Retired from military service, John completed Bachelor Degrees in both Business Administration and Journalism, a M.Ed and PhD in Education. John is a driven conservationist and social activist...with a great passion for sharks, cigars, rum and writing. John is an Associate Editor with


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