Talking to Underwater Kinetics’ Fred Fischer about dive lighting is like listening to a fountain — overflowing with information and history.

He explained,

“UK has decades of lighting that keeps getting brighter.”

I asked what was that little bright light from back in the 70s called? Answer:

The “Super Q Light–Quarts halogen bulb and nickel cadmium battery.”

This year at DEMA Show, UK is showcasing its new Mini Q40 MK2 dive light that features 250 Lumens and has a five-hour battery life, it’s 3.25 times brighter than the old Mini Q40 eLED, and has a push-button switch on the back. And it’s the same US$59.95/~52 Euros retail price.

Also new is the SL3 eLED-L2, with a walloping 425 Lumens and 5.5-hour battery life, which is brighter than the SL4 eLED! It also features a stainless-steel D-ring.

Fischer says:

“Underwater Kinetics’ motto is Smaller, Lighter, Brighter.”

For more info about Underwater Kinetics’ dive light product line, check out the company website at

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