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SeaLife All Set to Launch ReefMaster RM-4K, New Sea Dragon Lights

Lindsay Marion, marketing coordinator at SeaLife, took some time to talk with at DEMA Show 2017 about what to watch for in the coming year.

The big fish in this story is actually a tiny camera. The air is abuzz with anticipation among the SeaLife staff and they can hardly wait for the February release of the new ReefMaster RM-4K compact camera.

Primarily an underwater video camera, the RM-4K is an action camera built with the features that have long distinguished SeaLife from other cameras, with a couple of special innovations besides. It’s got a 14 megapixel Panasonic sensor and takes video in 4K at 30 frames per second, and has SeaLife’s standard three-mode menu for land-based, snorkeling and dive photos. It also has a built-in refillable chamber for Moisture Munchers, and a screw lock to seal the housing against leaks. With a price point of US$259/~€223 retail, the RM-4K is an affordable option for recreational underwater photographers.

Also new for 2018 is the 4500-lumen Sea Dragon Pro Video/Photo light. An innovative solution for film and television needs, it can hold its own, with a CRI index of 96 and a TLCI value of 97. This means the truest color and less need for post-editing. It’s got a rechargeable Li-ion battery that will last an hour at full power, 3 at half power, and 4 hours on the lowest setting. You can get this bright, natural sunlight substitute for $699/~€601.

If you’re not quite ready to go pro yet, check out the Sea Dragon Mini 900 ($75/~€65) and the Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro ($159/~€137) lights. Both have a tactical grip and a sleek body with a sealed push-button switch, and use rechargeable Li-ion batteries. The Mini 900 has four power modes, as well as a 1-second blink and an SOS mode. The Mini Fluoro light features a dichroic filter that will excite any creatures that biofluoroesce during night dives. It comes with yellow barrier filters for your mask to remove the blue light, leaving you with only the psychedelic light show provided by nature! Mainly for exploration, they’re both also photo-capable, with mounts and adaptors to fit it into your rig.

Last on the roster is the new Sea Life Photo Pro backpack. Waterproof and customizable on the inside, with drain holes at the bottom, it features a separate dry compartment for components and another at the back for a small laptop or tablet. It’ll fit an entire DC2000 with tray and lights, or switch up the dividers to make room for your underwater imaging must-haves.

Keep an eye out for their cross-over promotion with ScubaPro — buy a complete dive kit (G2 computer, MK25Evo/S620 Ti regulator, Air2 or R195 onto, and Hydros Pro BCD, and get a SeaLife Micro 2.0 32GB camera free!

For more info, check out the company website at

Erin Durbin-Sherer
Erin Durbin-Sherer
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