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5 Reasons You Should Go On A Freediving Liveaboard


Most divers know that scuba diving liveaboards exist, but freediving liveaboards are increasing in popularity. These liveaboards are designed to give the same experiences of a scuba diving liveaboard: providing food, accommodation, and non-stop diving adventures, with the exception that the diving adventures are centered around dive sites that are excellent for snorkelers and freedivers. So why, as a freediver, should you book a freediving liveaboard for your next vacation?

Your Travel Partner is not a Freediver

Is the person that you are traveling with not a freediver? Often on scuba diving liveaboards, scuba dive sites such as deep wrecks may not have interesting corals or marine life closer to the surface. This can be dull for the snorkeler partner, but is not a problem on a freediving liveaboard; many freediving sites are good for snorkeling as they are typically shallower, especially if there is good visibility. There will probably be other activities available as well, such as stand-up paddleboarding, yoga, canoeing, etc. There is no need to worry about your non-freediving partner’s level of fun on a freediving liveaboard, which can make both of your vacations more stress-free.

Taking a Freediving Course or Training

Depending on the liveaboard, you may be able to have a few training sessions while onboard. The same goes for a freediving course, whether you are taking a beginner course or advancing up the freediving ladder. This way, you can enjoy some fun dives in beautiful locations while improving your freediving skills. If this is important to you, you can contact the liveaboard ahead of time and ask if they can provide depth for training or an instructor for a freediving course.

Dive Sites Tailored To Your Level

Freediver swimming underwater over vivid coral reef. Red Sea, Egypt
Freediver swimming underwater over vivid coral reef. Red Sea, Egypt

Whether you are an occasional snorkeler or a freediver that can comfortably dive to 40m (131ft), your guide on the liveaboard will find the appropriate dive sites for you. They understand that more experienced freedivers can handle stronger currents, and that beginner freedivers need shallower sites with calmer conditions. The dives can be tailored to every person’s needs.

Variety of Sites

One of the best parts of vacationing on a freediving liveaboard is the easy accessibility of many different dive sites. If you just go on a vacation by the seaside, you may have access to some dive sites, which will require a boat or a car. With a freediving liveaboard, the transportation part is taken out as you are moving while you are having a comfortable lunch/dinner, or while you are sleeping soundly in your cabin. There is a greater possibility of seeing all different kinds of marine life and corals while also saving on transportation time and maximizing comfort.

Food and Accommodation Included

A freediving liveaboard is a package deal, which can be a very attractive selling point. Instead of calculating the total sum of hotel expenses, a budget for restaurants, and figuring out transportation, you can just have all of your costs bundled into one price. The price for some liveaboards may seem steep, but make sure to realize that the cost includes many aspects of your vacation, not just the freediving. Some companies may also help you book your flight tickets and provide pick-up and drop-off to the airport, which takes even more stress and planning off of your shoulders.

Final Thoughts

Young female free diver explores a shipwreck in a shallow water in Apo reef, Philippines.
Freediver exploring a shipwreck

As freediving liveaboards become a more popular vacation choice, more and more options become available to all types of travelers, solo or partnered. Whether you are on a budget or are willing to spend extra cash on a lavish expedition, there will likely be a freediving liveaboard that meets your needs. Make sure to do your research, read reviews, and contact the liveaboard operators in advance to discuss details such as training or course availability, meal options, sea and diving conditions, marine life to be spotted, the best time of the year to go, etc. And who knows, you may meet a future dive buddy for your next vacation!

Kristina Zvaritch
Kristina Zvaritch
Kristina, an AIDA, PADI, and Molchanovs W2 Freediving Instructor, discovered her love for the sea as a PADI Divemaster in Dahab, Egypt, where she shared the Blue Hole with freedivers and developed a serious passion for the single-breath sport. Nowadays, when she isn’t nose-deep in a novel on the beach, Kristina likes to train depth, and often pretends to be a mermaid when her buddy isn't looking.


  1. Hi Clarke! I have just recently been on my first freediving liveaboard and could not recommend it enough with in Komodo, Indonesia; they also have trips to Raja Ampat! I’ll be doing a review on them soon so you can read more about them.

    I wish I could recommend more to you, but so far, I have not heard any recommendations from other freedivers for liveaboards.

  2. Too funny, they were the first (and only) I stumbled upon as well online, and was strongly considering going if I had found the time off work to fly to Indonesia. Looking forward to reading about your experience!


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