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AIDA Depth World Championship 2023 Day 4: Alexey Molchanov Sets New CWTB World Record


Russia’s Alexey Molchanov set a new men’s World Record in the Constant Weight with Bifins (CWTB) discipline on Day 4 of the AIDA Depth World Championships off Limassol, Cyprus.

World Record

Since CWTB became an official AIDA discipline in 2019, the world record has been a back-and-forth battle between Molchanov and France’s Arnaud Jerald.

Molchanov, competing under no flag due to his country’s invasion of Ukraine, successfully dove to 123m/404ft. His record — along with all the other records set during the competition — is pending doping results.

France’s Abdelatif Alouach brought home the silver medal with his dive to 116m/381ft, and Russia’s Andrey Matveenko (also competing under no flag) earned bronze with his dive to 111m/364ft.

AIDA CWTB World Record Holder Alexey Molchanov (Image credit: AIDA/YouTube)
AIDA CWTB World Record Holder Alexey Molchanov (Image credit: AIDA/YouTube)

National Records

Another seven men’s national records were also set on Day 4.

Oman’s Omar Al Ghallani dove to 100m/328ft.

Spain’s Alfredo Roen Martin dove to 90m/295ft.

Sweden’s Peter Balck dove to 89m/292ft.

Finland’s Matti Eronen successfully dove to 82m/269ft, only to have his national record surpassed by his countryman Tommi Pasanen, who dove to 85m/279ft.

Iran’s Amin Jadidi Fighan dove to a national record 75m/246ft.

Serbia’s Nemanja Randjic ended the day’s dives on high note with a 40m/131ft national record.

AIDA Men's CWTB World Championship (Image credit: AIDA Depth World Championship & Diveye)
AIDA Men’s CWTB World Championship (Image credit: AIDA Depth World Championship & Diveye)

Dive Challenges

Not everyone who attempted a national record got what they were going for, unfortunately.

The UK’s Gary McGrath successfully dove to 100m/328ft, but drew a red card for an incorrect surface protocol.

Spain’s Luis Farina Martinez was gunning for a 95m/312ft national record, but aborted his dive immediately after putting his face in the water.

Thailand’s Vootipong Limpanitivat dove to a national record 92m/302ft, but drew a red card for not keeping his airway clear of the water after surfacing.

Poland’s Piotr Blaszczak had announced an 88m/289ft dive, but turned back at the 75m/246ft mark.

Turkey’s Necati Gul had announced a 78m/256ft dive, but turned back at 54m/184ft.

Hungary’s Marcell Bago had announced a 65m/213ft national record dive, but turned back at 61m/200ft.

Morocco’s Anas Chair had announced a 55m/180ft dive, but turned back at the 46m/151ft mark.

Rest Day and Results

Monday September 25th is a rest day, and the competition resumes on the 26th with the women doing Free Immersion (FIM).

Check out the full results below, along with the full replay.

AIDA Depth World Championship Limassol 2023 - Constant Weight Bifins (CWTB) - Women



(Featured Image credit: AIDA Depth World Championship & Diveye)

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