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AIDA Depth World Championships 2019: Final Dives and Closing Ceremony

The final day of the AIDA Depth World Championships 2019 saw the Women’s and Men’s Free Immersion (FIM) wrapped today after they were canceled on Wednesday due to bad weather.  The day welcomed 4 openers including Francesca Koe (USA) – Editor at Large for – with a dive to 25m and White Card.  Sanda Deiji was the first competition with her dive to 71m but she turned early and was shown the Yellow card.

Isabel Sanchez Aran (Spain) and Jennifer Wendland (Germany) both had successful dives to 73m leading on to a very a great day of white cards and only a few yellow.

Liv Phillip (Great Britain) had a great dive to 56m and on surfacing and being shown a White card for her perfect dive, unfurled a flag with a picture of world champion freediver and athlete, Sayuri.

National Records set on the final day were:

  • Youssef Habbida (Morocco) 60m
  • Inge Verbruggen (Belgium) 58m
  • Stephan Kristen (Namibia) 45m
  • Claire Walsh (Ireland) 44m

Full results below

AIDA Depth World Championships 2019 - Day 7 FIM Results
AIDA Depth World Championships 2019 – Day 7 FIM Results

Conditions were perfect and the day ran smoothly with no divers visiting the medical boat and the schedule running on time.

Fatima Korok (Hungry) who has burst on to the scene this Championships took first place on the podium alongside Marianna Gillespie (Russia) joined by Jessea Lu (China).

After the final dive, the dive boats sounded the horns and the music from the iconic film and origination of AIDA – Big Blue played loudly through the boat sound system marking the end of 2019 AIDA World Championships.

For the Closing Ceremony, Athletes gathered on the pontoon waving their nation’s flags and cheering.  As the officials took to the stage for the medal presentation a moving tribute to Sayuri was played to the crowds as they remember in silence and a Sayuri’s mum made a moving speech about her daughter who sadly died early this year.

Victoria Brown
Victoria Brown
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