Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Amber Fillary Sets New World Record For Longest Underwater Walk


Freediver Amber Fillary has set a new World Record for the longest underwater walk on a single breath of air.

On Sunday, November 28th, Fillary walked 109.45m/359.09ft in 3 minutes 47 seconds, beating the previous record of 107m/351ft.

According to Fillary:

“I’m laughing and kicking myself as one more step would have given me 110 meters [360.89ft] but I still have the record!”

The recent record and time spent training in Egypt is part of Fillary’s preparation for her main goal which will take place in February in Norway, where she is aiming to break the outright record for the “longest under ice swim with breath hold” — no fins, no weight belt and no wetsuit in sub zero water.

She added:

“I broke the female record in February 2020 but want to hold the outright record which will see me pushing myself to try reach 100m [328ft]! I will continue to document my build up to this new record as I will start to acclimatize to cold water as well as continue to work on my breath hold.”

To donate to her campaign, go to makeachamp.com or check out her blog at amberfillary.com or follow her on Instagram.

(Featured image courtesy Amber Fillary)

John Liang
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