American Airlines Increases the Frequency Of Flights To Bonaire

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American Airlines will be increasing the frequency of its flights form Miami to Bonaire, according to the Tourism Corporation Bonaire.

Beginning June 9th, 2018, AA is operating a weekly Saturday flight, and will be adding three more flights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The additional services will start December 15th, 2018 through March 30th, 2019.

According to Maurice Adriaens, director of Tourism Corporation Bonaire:

“We are extremely pleased to have reached an agreement with American Airlines to provide additional non-stop service to Bonaire. According to the American Airlines Network & Planning Department the Saturday flight is booking extremely well, and therefore they are confident that the extra flights will do well. These flights will to allow us to generate more traffic to the island concurrent with the expansion of our hotel and villa inventory.”

Other US carriers that operate flights to Bonaire include United with a weekly flight from Houston and Newark, and Delta which operates two flights per week from its hub in Atlanta.