The upcoming episode of Animal Planet’sThe Aquarium” show will feature the Georgia Aquarium’s four resident Manta Rays.

The Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta houses four mantas — three Giant Mantas named Blue, Raven and Talulah and one Reef Manta named Nandi.

Nandi is the aquarium’s first Manta resident, having come from South Africa 11 years ago after being found in a net, rescued and rehabilitated by a wildlife facility in Durban.

Nandi was deemed non-releasable due to being very habituated to the area where the nets were found, increasing the risk of injury. Consequently, Nandi was shipped to the Georgia Aquarium.

Check out Nandi’s story, as well as those of Blue, Raven and Talulah and the folks who care for them on the Animal Planet channel on Sunday, July 7th at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Mantas at the Georgia Aquarium (Photo credit: Animal Planet)