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Shallow Waters Run Deep

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When The Magic Unfolds

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Hide and Seek

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Dive Into Enchantment

Check out our latest Photo of the Week - Dive Into Enchantment

What Is Scuba Diving – Everything You Need To Know

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Choosing the right scuba diving certification can be a very tricky process. Here are some factors to consider in determining what is best for you and your level of experience!

Steps To Become an Open Water Diver

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5 Principles to Great Buoyancy Control

Want better buoyancy control? Here are five principles that will improve your skills in no time!

Scuba Certification While on Vacation, Should I Start at Home?

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Decompression Sickness – Knowledge is your Best Protection

This article gives a basic overview of decompression sickness (DCS), covering the symptoms, causes, and treatment options for DCS in recreational scuba divers.

Scuba Diving Fitness

If you love scuba diving, there's a good chance that you have always wondered how to get fit for these adventures. We take a look at what is needed for safe diving fitness for the Scuba Diver.