BARE SPORTS Introduces New Wetsuit For Very Cold Water

BARE's Newest Wetsuit, the 'Reactive'

BARE Sports recently unveiled a new wetsuit for very cold water.

Dubbed the “BARE Reactive,” the suit features a material called “Celliant” that uses infrared technology to help keep the diver warm.

“The lining is enhanced with 13 thermo-reactive minerals woven into the fabric of the wetsuit that react to your body heat converting it to infrared energy and reflecting it back to the body increasing circulation and body warmth,” the company says.

The Reactive also doesn’t have a single seam stitch, relying instead on the company’s “No Stitch Technology” via taped seams outside and inside the suit. It also sports a 21-inch back zipper as well as 11-inch ankle zippers that makes it easier to put on.

The suit retails for US$399. To get more info, click here.