Bonaire Announces Eighth Annual Dive Festival

The Eighth Annual Bonaire Dive Festival, taking place June 5-19, 2004, has been expanded from one week to two weeks. This means participants have the option to come any time during the two week festival fortnight, and stay as long as they can. This change was designed to allow attendees to have more free time during the festival to see and experience more of Bonaire. Also new this year; the fees for participation in the Festival have been dropped.

Philippe Cousteau Jr. will be the featured presenter at the festival. Working with his sister Alexandra to carry on the work and vision of their late father, Philippe Cousteau Sr., best know for his award winning documentary series "The Underwater World of Jacques Cousteau," Philippe will be on island for the entire two weeks. In addition to the presentations concerning his current and future projects, Mr. Cousteau will be leading guided dives with the participants.

While educational activities related to the protection of our marine environment and gear and equipment demonstrations will remain the key elements of the 2004 Festival, this year a variety of topside activities have been added to the schedule.

For more information on the Dive Festival and the special hotel packages available, visit the official website at