Thursday, December 3, 2020

Dive Chronicles Magazine Continues to Generate Excitement


"The Digest of Diving’s" second issue now on sale. More than 128 pages of diving excitement and information plus an interactive CD-ROM make this issue a "must-have" for diving enthusiasts.

Whether you like your diving hot or cold, Dive Chronicles has an article for you! The second issue of the popular magazine is now available. With 128 pages of colorful features, breathtaking photos and gripping, true-life stories, Dive Chronicles delivers something for every diving enthusiast.

Starting with the cover story on diving and snorkeling in Alaska, and continuing with an exotic story of the beauty of diving Bora Bora, Dive Chronicles’ editorial staff has gathered a wide range of stories sure to please every diver. Regular features including "Leaders and Legends" spotlight several well-known diving pioneers, while the "Dive Club Spotlight" shines on diving clubs in Florida and California. A special feature on "Diving in Cuba" helps round out the jam-packed editorial slate for this issue.

According to Publisher Brad Nolan, "We design every issue of Dive Chronicles to deliver a wide range of feature stories that will appeal to a diverse group of readers. We’re proud of what we offer in this second issue. It builds on our premiere issue in a big way."

Nolan points out that the second issue of Dive Chronicles also contains a feature-packed CD-ROM that provides interactive information, photos and diving tid-bits. Every issue of the magazine will feature a different CD-ROM, something no other diving publication currently offers.

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Dive Chronicles Magazine Continues to Generate Excitement 3
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