Italian Freediver Alessia Zecchini has set a new World Record in Freediving by completing a Constant Weight (CWT) dive to 102m in three minutes and :30 seconds.

Alessia’s new world record was finally set during Day Six of the Vertical Blue 2017 freediving competition at Deans Blue Hole in the Bahamas. Zecchini had previously only garnered red cards at her inaugural Vertical Blue, one red card for a failed record attempt at free-immersion, and then two failed WR attempts of this otherwise vexing CWT dive to 102 meters.

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It seems the weather was also in agreement that today was the day for a new World Record from Alessia.

“The cold wind and rain stopped at the exact moment Alessia was on the platform, and then sun came out and birds started chirping!” stated Francesca Koe, Editor-at-Large and Vertical Blue’s Chief of Media.

The previous female world record in CWT was held by the late Natalia Molchanova who set the record back in 2011.

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Stephan Whelan
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  1. You state that Alessia’s FIM dive was a national record attempt. It was actually a world record attempt (93m; currently it is 92m). This was on day 1 of the competition so the result and status has been up for quite a while now.

      • No problem, easy to overlook these things. At time of writing (Monday afternoon), it just says the FIM was a “record attempt”, which is still a bit vague – personally I think it’s worth mentioning that it was a world record attempt but your mileage may differ on that!

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