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BREAKING: SDI/TDI Announce Acquisition Of Performance Freediving International

In a huge announcement for the Freediving world today, International Training (ITI), the parent company of SDI, TDI, ERDI, and First Response Training International has announced its acquisition of Performance Freediving International (PFI).

This means that SDI/TDI shakes up the Freediver training market with an acquisition of one of the pioneers of Freediving training, rather than some of the other agencies that have licensed existing training products or developing their own.

Kirk Krack, President of PFI had this to say to

“I’m excited that PFI is joining the ITI brand of companies that include TDI and SDI. I’ve been a TDI instructor trainer since the late 90’s and have always been impressed with their forward thinking, adherence to the highest standards and industry-leading customer service. We’re looking forward to taking PFI to a new level both for our customers and our professional members. 

Our focus on innovative and industry groundbreaking educational products instead of market share has always been our hallmark and why we have the highest instructor training standards out there. ITI recognizes this and now PFI with a full-time customer service center, product development department, a professional marketing group, and an amazing management team, we can now realize the full vision for PFI that we’ve been working towards since it’s inception almost 20 years ago. Watch for amazing things ahead.”

Brian Carney, President of ITI added:

“Partnering with PFI and Kirk is something we started exploring doing over many years ago and to see it finally come to fruition is really exciting. Freediving is something really personal to me as I did a lot of Freediving in my 20’s and I am now doing it with my son. With their expertise as the premier Freediving Training organization in the world, and our tools for creating new materials, managing qualifications, and marketing, we know this will be a big benefit to everyone involved.”

ITI launched the announcement with the video below of Krack and Carney.  You can find out more at

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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