Scuba Diving

If you want to learn more about what is Scuba Diving check out our feature articles and news below.

DAN Launches 'Just One' Awareness Campaign

Q: How many divers does it take to improve dive safety?A: Just One. You. As a member of DAN®, you can...

DEMA announces 2003 Board of Directors

DEMA, the Diving Equipment Marketing Assocation, have accouned the winning candidates are as follows, per the auditing firm of Gray,...

Zena Holloway launches new Limited Edition Prints

Due to popular demand acclaimed underwater photographer, Zena Holloway, releases an exciting range of signed Limited Edition prints for 2003....

Atomic???s Latest Innovation ??? the ??Comfort Swivel??

Atomic Aquatics continues to introduce relevant and innovative additions to its product line. The latest, the “Comfort Swivel” is specifically...

The Psychological Trauma of Diving-Related Incidents

John R. Yarbough presents this months Divers Alert Network Medical Matters article on Psych Trauma of Diving Incidents

Digital Workshops with Rod Klein in 2003

Aggressor Fleet, Ltd has announced that they will once again provide Digital Photo Workshops with Rod Klein in 2003 Underwater...

Creature Feature: Manta Rays and the Plankton Buffet

The 18 wheelers of the Underwater Highways, what happens when they stop at a Diner. Abi Smigel tells more

Divers Salvage Lost Beer

Does it get any better than this for salvage divers. Brewery chiefs had to call in divers to salvage beer...

HMS Ark Royal located

Reports from a BBC Documentary Team, headed by Producer Mike Rossiter that they located the wreck of the HMS...

Gulf Divers warn of Starfish destruction

Divers in the Gulf states are becoming increasingly concerned about the coral reefs in the area being destroyed by increasing...

Calls for greater safety at Dorothea Quarry

A diver was recently airlifted from Dorothea Quarry in North Wales for treatment for the bends to Murrayfield Hospital, the...

PADI give Diver details to FBI ?

Dave Moran, editor of the "Dive New Zealand" magazine has told various media outlets that the US FBI was collecting...

Dive Training links to Terror Cell

Reports from a New Zealand, that police are investigating 3 men of Middle East appearance who enrolled in a diving...

Divers rescued after a night at sea

Sri Lankan fisherman have rescued three international divers who had spent the night drifting in the Indian Ocean off Pamunugama. ...
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