Truli Wetsuits Offering More Options For Women Divers

Truli Wetsuits Fit The Female Form
Truli Wetsuits Fit The Female Form

Truli Wetsuits, the new wetsuit company that caters exclusively to women, has made some updates to its products after getting customer feedback.

A new color, a new collection, and an additional size are among the updates the company has made since it first went into business last year.

Truli’s first collection, released in 2016, included the 3.5mm, fleece-lined shorty called the “Truli-Mi.” Over the past year, the company has acted on recommendations from customers asking for slight variations to the wetsuit’s design, including pink trim, brighter colors, longer legs, and additional sizes.

Consequently, Truli is now offering the new “Pashy Passion Pink” color to the collection in addition to the current “Fireball Orange,” “Into the Blue blue,” and “Pot of Gold yellow” variants.

Additionally, the “Truli-Capri” wetsuit now sports a “Harmony” color design, combining “vibrant outside colors in tune with the sea matched with blazing orange fleece-lining to ignite the spirit,” the company says. The Capri also sports more coverage along the legs, increasing its warmth.

The company’s wetsuits are also available in an additional size, with more sizes coming down the pike.

To tempt female divers even more, Truli is offering a 25-percent discount on the Pashy Passion Pink Truli-Mi and Harmony Truli-Capri until the end of this month. Just type in “TRULI25” when you check out, and your order will be shipped in March.

The Truli-Mi retails for CAN$299.00/US$174.86/157 Euros, while the Truli-Capri retails for CAN$349.00/US$265.45/248.39 Euros.

For more info, check out the company’s website at

Truli Wetsuits' New "Pashy Passion Pink" Color
Truli Wetsuits’ New “Pashy Passion Pink” Color