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BARE Introduces Its Force 1 Drysuit Over-Boot

BARE Introduces Its Force 1 Drysuit Over-Boot

BARE has unveiled their latest drysuit over-boot, the Force 1.
Zeagle Bravo and Marina BCDs

Zeagle Introduces Two New Sport Diving BCDs

Zeagle has unveiled two new BCDs: the BRAVO for men and the MARINA for women.
Rob Stewart, Sharkwater Director

New Details Are Alleged About The Death Of Filmmaker Rob Stewart

New details have come to light surrounding the death earlier this year of filmmaker Rob Stewart, and they aren't pretty.
Location Madagascar. Red pin on the map.

Check Out The Bluemoon All-Female Dive Adventure In Madagascar

Cathadventure has announced the dates for the Bluemoon adventure, an all-female trip diving and conservation adventure in Madagascar.
DEMA Awards Party 2017

Nominations For the 2018 DEMA Wavemaker Award Now Open

Carrying on from the success of 2017, DEMA has announced that nominations for the 2018 Wave Makers Award are now open.
Prawno Offering 20 Percent Off During Shark Week

Prawno Offering 20 Percent Off During ‘Shark Week’

With the Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week in full swing, the folks at Prawno are offering a 20-percent-off deal while you watch all the programs about these awesome predators.

DAN Urges Divers To Be Careful During Lobster Mini Season

The Divers Alert Network is urging divers to be extra careful during this week's lobster mini season in Florida.
Women in Diving 2018

Women In Diving 2018

On Women's Dive Day 2018 we talk to a selection of specialists who discuss their areas of expertise and what got them into diving in the first place
Sinking of HMBS Yellow Elder

Stuart Cove Releases Footage Of The Sinking Of Another Wreck

Stuart Cove Dive Bahamas sinks another artificial reef, the HMBS YELLOW ELDER.
Two Shipwreck Diving Books By Rod MacDonald Due Out This Month

Two Shipwreck Diving Books By Rod MacDonald Due Out This Month

Shipwreck diver Rod MacDonald will have a pair of books published later on this month about his experiences diving the most famous wrecks from World War I off the U.K. and World War II in the Pacific.
Fourth Annual PADI Women's Dive Day Slated For July 21, 2018

PADI: Annual Women’s Dive Day Offers Sense Of Empowerment

PADI is putting forth five unique reasons why women love to dive, and ways that scuba diving can empower any woman to challenge the status quo.
Underwater Museum Of Art To Premiere With Seven Sculptures

Underwater Museum Of Art Officially Open

The Underwater Museum of Art in the Gulf of Mexico off the Florida coast, featuring seven sculpture designs, is now officially open.
Truli Wetsuits Fit The Female Form

Huge Growth In the Demand For Wetsuits Projected By Study

Global demand for wetsuits expected to surge from 2018 to 2028, according to the latest study.
Deptherapy Programme Members undertaking open water training at Roots Red Sea.

Study Confirms Therapeutic Benefits Of Scuba Diving

Study Finds that Scuba Diving can have therapeutic benefits for military veterans with physical and psychological injuries.
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