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PADI Issues 25 Millionth Certification

PADI CEO calls purchase by a group of rich families a ‘positive transition’

In the wake of Providence Equity Partners' US$700 million sale of PADI to Mandarinfish Holdings -- a group of rich families -- last March, PADI's...
Smile of crazy Scuba diver underwater selfie in the deep blue ocean and backlight sun

Narked, How Often Has It Happened To You?

We have all heard the stories of divers doing crazy things whilst being "narked" - but what does it really mean?
NOAA Diver Sets Up Camera For Underwater VR Tour (Photo credit: Photo: Maya Walton/NOAA)

NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuaries Introduce ‘Virtual Dive Gallery’

If diving the USA's myriad underwater marine sanctuaries is on your bucket list but you have a spouse or partner who isn't into scuba...
A 3D map of the site of HMS Exeter after illegal salvagers had removed it. (Photo credit: The Guardian)

Malaysian Authorities Detain Chinese Dredger Suspected Of Destroying Wrecks Off Borneo

While World War 2 shipwrecks off the Indonesian coast are more and more becoming the targets of further destruction, it looks like at least...
Divers Witness Underwater Earthquake (Photo credit: Newsflare)

Divers Witness Underwater Earthquake

An earthquake on land is scary enough, but who thought an earthquake underwater would be just as spooky?Last month, some divers who were below...
Truli Wetsuits Fit The Female Form

Interview: Mia Toose from Truli – a Wetsuit for Women

We caught up with Truli Wetsuit creator and CEO Mia Toose at The Blue Wild Show and got to know her and her wetsuit...
RAID Revises Open Water Diver Training Program, Introduces New Cave Diving Course

RAID Revises Open Water Diver Training Program, Introduces New Cave Diving Course

The folks at RAID International have updated and revised their Open Water Diver course and also introduced a pair of new Cave Diver specialty...
Photos copyright Al Scarlett (http://www.aquastudios.co.uk/)

Odd Underwater Pursuits for Adventurous Scuba Divers and Freedivers

Discover three odd underwater pursuits for scuba divers and freedivers, ranging from extreme underwater ironing to professional mermaiding.
SEAC's New JACK Freediving/Scuba Dive Computer Now Shipping To USA

SEAC’s New JACK Freediving/Scuba Dive Computer Now Shipping To USA

If you live in the USA and have been jonesing for a new, hybrid scuba/freediving watch, Italian company SEAC might have something up your...

Zeagle Is Offering a Cool Deal With BCD, First-Stage Regulator Purchase

If you're in the market for a new BCD and regulator set, the folks at Zeagle may have just the deal for you.Zeagle is...
Huish Outdoors Buys Oceanic, Hollis Brands From AUP

Huish Outdoors Buys Oceanic, Hollis Brands From AUP

Some big news coming out of the US this week.  Huish Outdoors LLC announced Monday it had bought the Oceanic and Hollis brands from...
Underwater shoot of a young couple diving with scuba in a tropical sea and showing ok signal

Diving with a Ad Hoc Dive Buddy

In the perfect diving world, You will always have a dedicated dive buddy. What about when you don't?
'47 Meters Down' Debuts At No. 5 In U.S. Box Office

Second Trailer For ’47 Meters Down’ Movie Released

Hold on to your fins, there's a scuba diving movie coming out soon that seems to paint a not-too-positive picture of sharks.The film, "47...
Cline's First Quarter 2017 Global Dive Industry Survey

Dive Industry Pros Should Take This Survey

If you're a dive professional (or know someone who is), you might want to take a survey being conducted on the global dive industry.Cline...
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