There’s a new short film that delves into the world of competitive blue-water spearfishing.

“Mar De Vida” features spearfisherman Pete Correale competing in the Blue Water World Cup off of Baja, Mexico.

In the 10-minute film, Correale talks about the “draw” of the ocean:

“There’s this draw that pulls you back all the time that keeps you going no matter what, no matter what happens. . . . You’re never really fully content and satisfied where you’ll step away from the ocean. . . . It’s in your blood and you’ll be going there basically ’til the end of your days.”

And on spearfishing as well:

“Your whole time frame bubble turns into two minutes: Two minutes on the surface, two minutes on the bottom. Nothing else, that’s it. All sense of time basically goes out the window, excluding looking at your dive watch while you’re on the surface breathing up and looking at your dive watch while you’re down on the bottom hunting fish.”

'Mar De Vida' spearfishing film
‘Mar De Vida’ spearfishing film

“Mar De Vida” was shot, directed and edited by Wiley Watson, with an original score by Kellen Malloy. Check out the film at the Inertia website.

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