The folks at Maverick America, the U.S. distributors of spearfishing gear from major European companies like Salvimar, Pathos, Bleutec, C4, Reef Runner, In Sea, and Picasso, were showcasing Salvimar’s latest speargun, the Hero 95, at the 2018 Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

According to Maverick America Founding Partner Mark Laboccetta, the concept behind the Hero 95 is that it is a speargun that has a large frame stock called “alloy extruded,” built for the rigors of oceanic fishing conditions.

The trigger is massive, with the same hardness as a spear shaft. What’s really neat about it is that the spear shaft pivots on a roller wheel inside, giving the trigger incredible sensitivity, about the same as a standard Beretta pistol.

Another cool thing about the Hero 95 is that it’s all-metal-injection molded (MIM), so there’s no inconsistency in precision from part to part, which is very important for a trigger mechanism, according to Laboccetta:

“This trigger will withstand more than any of the other European triggers — 350 kilos (772 pounds) — which is kinda unheard-of for a European-style gun. So what they did is they took this approach of super-heavy-duty, failsafe with a 300 percent margin of error for safety on the trigger. And that’s important because people like to add power, more bands etc.”

Entirely made in Genoa, Italy, the Hero 95 comes with two custom ergonomic grips — lefty and righty — and a high-line-capacity reel and will retail for about US$500/~404 Euros, according to Laboccetta.

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