Check Out The New Apeks MTX-RC Regulator

The New Apex MTX-RC
The New Apex MTX-RC

Apeks has announced a new addition to its MTX range of regulators, the MTX_RC.

The regulator is designed for the most extreme of diving conditions and sports the same freeze-resistant technology employed in the rest of the range. Features of the new regulator include:

  • Satin plated brass body featuring heat exchanging ribs for optimal performance.
  • 5 medium pressure port, 4 of which are on a rotating turret.
  • 2 angled high-pressure ports.
  • Over balanced diaphragm for ease of breathing.
  • DIN or Yoke first stage connections.
  • Large purge button and simple venturi lever.
  • Reversible second stage (left or right) for ease of configuration.
  • Diver Changeable Exhaust system (DCE).
  • A patented heat exchanger in the second stage.

The new Apeks MTC-RC retails for £670 / €769 / US$949.

You can find out more here.