A new ocean-friendly search engine has launched. Ekoru.org is aimed at cleaning up and reforesting the oceans with every internet search conducted.

The search engine seeks to achieve this by donating a significant chunk of its revenues to various ocean partners. To date, 60% of the revenue generated by Ekoru.org goes to the following conservation partners:

  • Operation Posidonia by the University of New South Wales. The operation aims to reforest the ocean by planting seagrass, which can absorb carbon up to 40 times faster than rainforests.
  • Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, which features teams around the world dedicated to removing plastic from the oceans.

In keeping with its ocean-friendly mission, the company ensures that all its servers are powered by hydroelectricity, so no fossil fuels are used to power their results.

You can visit Ekoru.org here or check out a video about the search engine below.

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