If diving the Bay Islands of Honduras is either something on your bucket list or you’ve been there before and want to go again, there’s a new eBook that describes a lot of what that region has available.

Written by Steve Rosenberg and Sandy Sondrol, “Dive and Travel the Bay Islands of Honduras” provides detailed descriptions of 76 of the best dive sites in and around Roatan, Utila and Guanaja.

The guide also contains practical information on travel basics and some of the fascinating marine life that visitors will encounter in the Bay Islands. And since it’s electronic and interactive, the guide can be used as a travel log or dive log, allowing the reader to add his or her own comments and notes.

Released last November and retailing for US$14.95 (~13.12 Euros), this eBook can be downloaded from iTunes, Google Play or Amazon.

Learn more at rosenbergebooks.com.

‘Dive and Travel the Bay Islands of Honduras’ by Steve Rosenberg and Sandy Sondrol