A new video has emerged that shows a massive oil spill in the Bahamas as a result of Hurricane Dorian.

The hurricane, which made landfall on September 2nd, heavily damaged the Burmah Oil Terminal at High Rock, Grand Bahamas, blowing the roofs off several huge storage tanks.

Burmah Oil Terminal at High Rock. Grand Bahamas
Burmah Oil Terminal at High Rock, Grand Bahamas (Image credit: Eliot Scarpetti)

The video by Eliot Scarpetti, filmed on September 18th — more than two weeks after the storm — shows oil spilled across the land around the terminal, owned by Norwegian company Equinor (formerly Statoil). In the video, workers can be seen cleaning up the spilled oil but not wearing the proper protective gear.

According to Scarpetti’s Facebook post:

“The company claims that no oil entered the ocean or waterways. When we passed, 16 days after the storm, there were 5 vacuum trucks and less than a dozen workers cleaning up the oil. In this drone footage you can see the slick spreading as far as the eye can see to the north. Oil floats on water, and this entire section of the island was underwater. So how could no oil have entered the ocean? The aquifer is barely 5 feet below the ground, and there are vast tracks of contaminated pine and mangrove forrest just to the north. The magnitude of this disaster has been far underreported by the media, ignored by the Bahamian government, and the environmental community has yet to pick up the story.”

Check out Scarpetti’s video below (or click here).

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