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Check Out SeaLife’s New DC2000 Underwater Camera

If you’re a fan of SeaLife‘s line of underwater cameras, the company recently unveiled its most advanced one to date at DEMA Show 2016.

The DC2000 includes an inner camera that itself is waterproof down to 60 feet/18 meters, as well as an outer housing that’s waterproof down to 200 feet/60 meters.

A bunch of automatic imaging modes make it easy for newbie underwater shutterbugs, and advanced users can take advantage of the DC2000‘s full manual-exposure controls.

SeaLife Introduces New DC2000 Underwater Camera
SeaLife’s New DC2000 Underwater Camera

The DC2000‘s four underwater shooting modes include “dive,” “snorkel,” “external light” and “external flash,” and it has three built-in underwater digital color-correction filters: shallow water for snorkeling, deep water for diving and “green” water for diving in an algae bloom.

Not only that, the DC2000 also sports an additional 25 modes for shooting out of the water. Its shutter response time is lickety-split: 0.1 seconds, making fast-moving shots easy to handle.

You can also use the continuous-burst shooting mode (20MP pictures at up to 10 frames per second), time lapse, GIF, and pre-shooting functions. The intuitive dial can be used to choose from eight shooting modes, including manual shutter and 17 aperture settings, from f1.8 to f11. Additionally, the new camera can shoot in JPEG or and RAW, giving you a whole slew of photo-editing options.

If you happen to have shaky hands, it sports an “Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) – CCD shift technology” that reduces the chance of taking a blurry photo.

The removable and rechargeable 1130mAh 3.7V ion battery can power the camera for more than two hours. The DC2000 also has 80 megabytes of internal memory and can be expanded to 128 gigabytes via compatibilty with a host of memory cards, including micro-SD, micro-SDHD, micro-SDXC, and UHS-1.

As for downloading your pictures, the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi can wirelessly connect to any iOS and Android smart phone or tablet using the free Link123 Plus app.

This new camera is also expandable with SeaLife’s Sea Dragon Flashes, Photo-Video Lights and the SL975 Fisheye lens.

SeaLife's Three New DC2000 Camera Sets
SeaLife’s Three New DC2000 Camera Sets

The DC2000 will be available for shipment in early December 2016, with the standalone camera and housing retailing for US$699.95/659.52 Euros. The Sea Dragon Pro Flash Set will retail for $995.95/938.96 Euros, the Sea Dragon 2500 LED Light Set for $1,099.95/1,036.81 Euros, and the Pro Duo including the Sea Dragon Flash and Sea Dragon 2300 LED Auto Light for $1,399.95/1,319.84 Euros.

For more information, check out the SeaLife website at

John Liang
John Liang
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