Chris Crumley Productions, Inc. Unveils New Web Site, New Digital and An Expanded On-line Database

Chris Crumley Productions’ all-new web site went live December 26 with five new portfolios and 10,000 keyword-searchable images available 24/7. The database contains high-resolution scanned film files and up to 22 mega-pixel digital imagery.

The portfolios were designed to illustrate Crumley’s capabilities in five different photography areas for art directors and other image buyers. The portfolios are rich in content and small in image count since many art directors determine a photographer’s capabilities with 10-12 images.

A significant feature of the site is the searchable stock photo database. Over 10,000 images are cataloged and easily found and displayed using industry-standard search words. Search words can be countries such as Bahamas, Chuuk, Egypt, French Polynesia, Turks & Caicos and many others. Searching on island name displays all the images from places such as Elbow Cay, Provo or Rangiroa. Every underwater image is cataloged with dive site name. Marine species name, a person’s name, male, female, horizontal, vertical, prominent dive gear manufacturer and hundreds of other combinations will produce selections of images.

Crumley sells usage of his stock photography for advertising, catalogs, brochures, web sites and other uses.

Much of the photographer’s underwater and land-based photography for advertising, catalog and editorial use is now done with 11 and 22 mega-pixel digital cameras. These digital formats surpass the quality of 35mm and medium format film.

For more information about the photographic services offered by Chris Crumley Productions, Inc., visit the web site at

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