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CMAS World Outdoor Freediving Championship 2022: Day 3 — Petar Klovar Nabs Second World Record


Day 3 of the CMAS Outdoor Freediving World Championship in Kas, Turkey saw another men’s world record and a women’s continental record set in the Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) discipline, while others had challenges.

Petar Klovar’s Second World Record

Croatia’s Petar Klovar nabbed his second world record at this competition with a dive to 94m/308ft. Poland’s Mateusz “Matt” Malina brought home the silver medal with a dive to 87m/285ft and Antonio Mogavero from Italy earned bronze with a dive to 79m/259ft.

France’s Abdelatif Alouach — who earned the men’s Natalia Molchanova Award for accruing the most combined points over the four disciplines at the AIDA World Depth Championship this past August — would have had the bronze medal in the bag this week with his 86m/282ft dive, but was disqualified for not doing the correct surface protocol.

In an Instagram post, Alouach wrote:

“Failure only has a name if we call it as such, without it it would be an experience, a step, a learning, for me it’s a real decision made with conviction….

“The result was not as expected, but what matters, I know I did my best today.”

On the women’s side, Ukrainian Kateryna Sadurska earned the top spot with a dive to 70m/230ft. Australia’s Amber Bourke got the silver medal with a dive to 65m/213ft, and Hungarian Fatima Korok won the bronze medal with a dive to 63m/207ft.

Italy’s Alessia Zecchini was gunning for gold with a dive to 71m/233ft, but suffered a blackout upon surfacing.

In an Instagram post, Zecchini wrote:

“What can I say? -71m should have been an “easy” dive and it was another technically beautiful dive with excellent feelings but with a red card!

“The only explanation is that I haven’t been sleeping well at all since I’m here in Turkey… 4/5 hours maximum and I wake up with great difficulty falling back asleep… most of time it was impossible. I didn’t want to be influenced by this but now I have to take note…

“This dive would have been worth the gold medal and instead brought me so much regret and disappointment.”

Continental Record for Talya Davidoff

While she came in fifth place overall, South Africa’s Talya Davidoff still nabbed a continental record for diving to 53m/174ft.

On Instagram, she wrote:

“Was a super fun dive and my eq was great! Had lots of air at the plate!”

Never Too Old To Freedive

In the Masters category for men aged 50-54, Denmark’s Jesper Stechmann brought home the gold medal and and age group world record with a dive to 72m/236ft. Turkey’s Birol Ozbek earned the silver with a 56m/184ft dive, and the bronze medal went to Denmark’s Peter Munk Truelsen for his dive to 42m/138ft.

For the women in the same age category, Turkey’s Birgul Erken won the gold medal with a dive to 33m/108ft.

For the Masters category for men aged 55-59, Pete Botman from the Netherlands earned both the gold medal as well as a world record with his dive to 70m/230ft, Germany’s Jens Stoetzner got the silver medal with a dive to 68m/223ft and Great Britain’s David Mellor won bronze with a dive to 58m/190ft.

In the 60-64 masters men’s age category, the USA’s Milton Drageset won the gold medal for his 38m/125ft dive and Germany’s Karsten Mohr got the silver with a dive to 28m/92ft.

For the men’s 65-69 age category, France’s Christophe Dromard won gold for his dive to 40m/131ft.

And finally, for the women aged 70+, the USA’s Annabel Edwards took home a gold medal even though she had to turn back from her 27m/89ft announced dive at 24m/79ft.

Check out the full results as well as the replay of the livestream below.


2022 CMAS Freediving Outdoor World Championship Day 3 - CNF

CMAS Day 3 Results
CMAS Day 3 Results
CMAS Day 3 Results
CMAS Day 3 Results
CMAS Day 3 Results
CMAS Day 3 Results
CMAS Day 3 Results
CMAS Day 3 Results
CMAS Day 3 Results
CMAS Day 3 Results
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