The cruise ship MV Caledonian Sky ran aground over the weekend onto a coral reef near Kri, off Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

The grounding of the Bahamas-flagged, 90-meter/295-foot-long ship took place at around 14:00 local time on March 4, according to a Facebook post by Hugo Mattsson. While the ship was able to free itself not long after, the vessel left a 20-meter/66-foot-long cut through the coral reef, he wrote.

According to a Google Translate version of the local Teropong News, the ship was carrying 102 passengers consisting of three U.S. citizens, two Canadians, 86 British, two Irish, two Indonesians and seven Swedes, all of whom were evacuated from the vessel.

The incident is under investigation by local authorities, according to Teropong News.

For more photos of the underwater damage to the reef, check out Mattsson’s Facebook post.

According to, the ship was “underway using engine” as of 08:30 local time on March 7.

We’ll be adding more information as we get it.

A below-the-water view of the MV Caledonian Sky (photo credits: Hugo Mattsson)
A below-the-water view of the MV Caledonian Sky (photo credits: Hugo Mattsson)


  1. I made a copy of the report released by the Associated Press saying that the scientist (never say what their names are) are trying to save the coral reefs. The report says that almost half of the coral reefs are dead. Does any body have a conformation on that?

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