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Indonesian Government Slaps Cruise Ship Operator With $451 Million Fine

The Indonesian government has whacked a US$451 million/£350 million/400 million Euro fine on the British company that operates a cruise ship that ran aground...

Celebes Divers Will Open Its Third Indonesian Resort This Coming July

If diving the waters off Indonesia has ever been on your bucket list, Celebes Divers is adding temptation to the fire with the imminent...

Malaysian Authorities Detain Chinese Dredger Suspected Of Destroying Wrecks Off Borneo

While World War 2 shipwrecks off the Indonesian coast are more and more becoming the targets of further destruction, it looks like at least...

Cruise Ship MV Caledonian Sky Runs Aground Onto Raja Ampat Reef

The cruise ship MV Caledonian Sky ran aground over the weekend onto a coral reef near Kri, off Raja Ampat, Indonesia.The grounding of the...

Sunken World War II Shipwrecks Off Indonesia Illegally Salvaged For Scrap

If you’re an experienced technical diver with dreams of diving World War II ships sunk during the 1942 Battle of the Java Sea south...

ID Apnea Competition 2016 – Freediving in Indonesia

Last year, I went to a freediving club meeting in Bandung, Indonesia, for the first time ever. I was blown away to see how...

Review: Diving in Indonesia – The Ultimate Guide to the World’s...

Check out our review of Diving in Indonesia: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Best Dive Spots

The 4 Best Remote Liveaboard Destinations

To many divers, a liveaboard vacation is an ultimate getaway.
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