Achieve deep relaxation, letting go, and a stronger awareness of your body, through the discovery of freediving!

Over 5 days in June, Dahab Freedivers dive center are hosting Jean-Guy de la Casinière & Lily Crespy who will guide you through a wide variety of techniques and workshops, both dry and in water.

Discover your body’s amazing abilities, how to deeply relax and let go of your fears and limitations, and a whole range of new sensations! All in the freediving mecca of Dahab’s Blue Hole!

The course will be held between 11th – 15th June in Dahab, Egypt.  Course attendees will also have the opportunity to take their AIDA 2* certification by the end of the week should they meet the relevant criteria.

Pricing is €490 (includes airport transfers and 5 nights in Red Sea Relax hotel) or €390 (for the 5 days workshop only).  Meals and flights are not included in the pricing.

For information & Booking, head to the Dahab Freedivers Facebook page or email