The Divers Alert Network has launched its spring fundraising campaign, and this time the campaign is aimed at raising funds for future dive safety researchers.

DAN uses the funds towards its research intern program. According to DAN President and CEO Bil Ziefle:

“Keeping divers safe is a long-term commitment — one to which DAN owes its very existence. Recreational scuba diving is fun and exciting, and when done responsibly, it’s very safe. We the members of the recreational scuba industry have worked hard to make it that way. But we can’t sit back and say our job is done; we must continue to be vigilant. Funding research internships and promoting careers in dive research and medicine are a few of the ways DAN is working to ensure the future of dive safety.”

Many of DAN‘s research interns have gone on to conduct important research and advance diver safety, including flying after diving, bubbles and DCS, age and diving, and the effects of breath-hold diving.

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