DEMA Show 2012: Atomic Aquatics Unveils New T3 Regulator For High-End Scuba Market

Atomic Aquatics has unveiled a new high-end regulator at DEMA 2012 in Las Vegas.  The T3 — which will retail at around $1599 — will sport lighter component parts, with a minimalist first-stage yoke design optimized to use the least amount of materials, and components on the second stage have had their weight reduced to make the T3 as light as possible.

“If you look at a lot of the other lighter regulators on the market, usually they’re smaller in size,” according to an Atomic executive. “With the T3, you’re still getting a full-size regulator, but you’re getting a regulator that’s extremely lightweight.

“It’s all about form and function,” the exec told “One of the ways that we made it lighter was we took some of the titanium and stripped it away from the yoke on the first stage. In doing that, not only does it make it lighter, but it makes for a pretty cool, unique-looking regulator.”

The standard T3 will come in black, but customers will have options via different color kits, types of metal rings and metal-accented knobs.

The T3 will have a three-year/300-dive service interval non-contingent lifetime warranty, and is due out in March 2013.



Keep tuned for our extensive coverage (as well as previous years coverage) of DEMA 2012 during November 14-17, 2012 in our DEMA Show Coverage.

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