Saturday, May 25, 2024

Denmark Uses 3D-Printed Reefs To Support Biodiversity


In a first for Danish waters, 3D-printed reefs are being use to support and boost biodiversity in the Kattegat Strait.

The work is a collaboration between Ørsted and the World Wide Fund for Nature Denmark, who want to test out the beneficial effects of 3D printed reefs on biodiversity.

The project involved the deployment of 12 3D-printed structures between the individual turbines at the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm in the Kattegat. The area suffers from persistent low Cod stocks over the last 20 years which has had a detrimental impact on the biodiversity in the area. Hopefully the structures will provide a greater habitat for the Cod and gradually improve the biodiversity of the area.

Commenting on the project, Bo Øksnebjerg, the secretary general of WWF Denmark stated:

”Marine biodiversity in Denmark is under heavy pressure, and today there are 90 % fewer cod in the Kattegat than in 1990. Action is needed – and urgently. We must give nature and wildlife a hand, while trying to solve our climate crisis by expanding our renewable energy production at the same time. To solve the nature crisis, we must leave nature in better shape than before. That’s why we’re very excited that we, together with Ørsted, can test the new, unique 3D-printed reef structures here in Denmark for the first time.”

While Filip Engel, the vice president of sustainability at Ørsted, stated:

“The ocean holds vast potential to help meet our climate goals. Improving ocean health and restoring marine biodiversity is fundamental to addressing biodiversity loss and the climate crisis. As governments around the world are ramping up ambitious plans to grow renewable energy capacity, offshore wind will take up more space. At Ørsted, we believe action on climate and nature can and must go hand-in-hand, and this exciting project together with WWF Denmark is one of many we’re testing out globally to seek the best solutions to make our ambition of a net-positive biodiversity impact a reality.”

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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