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Dive Paradise RV Tours The USA To Honor Renee Applegate

The CEO of Dive Paradise, Michael Penwarden, who is also the nephew of its legendary founder Renee “Apple” Applegate, is doing a tour of the USA in a customized RV to honor her memory, after her passing last year.

The tour began in June 2018, and after starting in California the first leg covered 7,000 miles/~11,000 km as it passed through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, before ending the leg in Colorado. The tour is conducted in a customised 32ft/~11m recreational vehicle, and stopped in each state to talk with travel retailers.

According to Penwarden:

“We want to honor and pay tribute to Apple, and the tour provides us with that opportunity. . . . The best way for us to do this is to continue operating Dive Paradise as a living monument to the Dive Paradise community and family that Apple built over the last two decades. Hitting the road with my wife and children, including our dog, and visiting as many dive centers and travel professionals as possible is a great way to introduce ourselves and continue Apple’s legacy.”

You can follow the RV’s journey on Facebook here, or on Instagram here.

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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