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Actor Dove With Bull Sharks To Prepare For Role

Hollywood action star Jason Statham went diving with bull sharks to prepare for his role in the latest summer blockbuster “The Meg.”

The film tells the story of a research team trapped at the bottom of the pacific ocean, who are being hunted by a not-so-extinct 22m/~75ft Megalodon shark.

Statham told Total Film:

“I thought I’d better figure out what it’s like to go face-face-with a shark before we did this film, so I went scuba diving. . . . We took a trip to Fiji. They hand-feed these bull sharks with tuna heads and then the sharks circle around, and you line up behind this coral wall. . . . You’re within two feet of these three-meter sharks. It was a great experience.”

Discussing his scuba diving experience, Statham, who was a competitive swimmer in his youth and represented England at the Commonwealth Games, told Total Film:

“I’ve been around swimming pools my whole life, and I learned to scuba dive when I made the first ‘Transporter’ with Luc Besson. I really got hooked.”

You can check out the trailer for “The Meg” below, as well as a video on how the filmmakers shot the underwater scenes.

(Top image credit: Warner Bros.)

How 'The Meg' Shot Its Underwater Shark Attack Scenes | Movies Insider

THE MEG International Trailer 2 (2018) Jason Statham, Ruby Rose Megalodon Shark Movie HD
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