Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Diver missing after searching Channel wreck


A British diver was missing last night after a trip to a wreck in the English Channel went wrong.The diver’s buddy is believed to have lost track of him as they surfaced.

The man, aged over 60, disappeared as his dive group resurfaced at lunchtime yesterday after exploring the wreck of the Empire Javelin, a infantry landing ship that took part in the D-Day landings and was torpedoed and sunk in December 1944.

Sussex Police coastguard officials and officers were preparing last night to interview the skipper of the ship and the remaining group members after the boat returned to Brighton.

A spokesman for the Maritime & Coastguard Agency said that the search was being co-ordinated by the Regional Operation Search and Rescue Centre in Joburg, northern France, as the wreck lay in French waters.

The missing man was one of four divers exploring the wreck, which lies at 60 metres depth, and is situated 21 nautical miles from Barfleur on the Normandy Coast.  It is believed that he was using a rebreather.

Source: The Times UK


Diver missing after searching Channel wreck 3
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