EasyJet takes over Sharm routes

EasyJet announced it was buying GB Airways, which operates as a franchise carrier for British Airways, in October. The airline continues to fly under BA colours, but BA will cease selling the flights on March 30.

Among the winter sun destinations Easyjet will be flying to from London Gatwick are Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain, the Greek islands, Malta, Cyprus and Dalaman in Turkey.

"It is intended GB Airways will continue to operate all routes under the British Airways brand until 29 March," Easyjet said in a statement.

In report from DIVE Magazine, it says that divers’ baggage allowance to Sharm El Sheikh looks set to be cut by more than half on these flights when easyJet takes over. Gatwick-based GB Airways is currently a British Airways franchise which allows divers to carry 23kg of diving equipment in addition to the standard economy allowance of 23kg.

DIVE has allegedly been informed by easyJet that it does not offer any reduction on excess baggage for scuba equipment. easyJet’s luggage allowance is 20kg, which is subject to a per bag check-in charge. Excess baggage charges is £6 per kilo.