Palapas Ventana has announced that there a still a few places available aboard its Panama Spearo Liveaboards in early 2019.

There are still four to five spots left on the trip from April 27 to May 4, and 9 places available onboard the liveaboard departing May 4 to 9, 2019.

The trip price includes:

  • Return flights from Panama City to David.
  • Domestic and International airport pickup and drop off.
  • Transport from David to the boat.
  • 2 nights Hotel in Panama City (double occupancy).
  • Food and drink on the boat.
  • 4 nights stay on the liveaboard.
  • 5 days spearfishing the Bank and Boils.
  • One cooler delivered to Panama City for onward transportation.
  • 3 boxes of chum per day on the liveaboard, and one box of chum on warm-up day.
  • Professional Photo service.

The trip will feature two 34 foot/11 meter liveaboard tenders, as well as Pete Correale as one of the guides.

For more information on pricing, etc., you can email Palapas Ventana here.

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