Sunday, September 20, 2020

Fins Attached Promotes Shark Conservation At DEMA Show


While I am not a tree hugger, I do take conservation seriously. One of the exhibits here at DEMA Show that got my interest was Fins Attached.

Fins Attached is an shark conservation organization who also include rays and turtles in their domain.

They currently have research projects going on at nine locations between Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and the Galapagos Islands. They recently aquired a former Japanese fishing vessel that had been converted into a private yacht. The vessel has been named M/Y Sharkwater in honor of the late Rob Stewart. The vessel will be used in their research projects.

Fins Attached will also have four sailings in 2019 where citizen scientists can join them; the website has more details.

The website and the DEMA Show booth had some gift items as well. There is a nice t-shirt that is 50% recycled water bottles. The shirt is available for US$35 (~30 Euro).

For more info, go to the Fins Attached website at

Fins Attached Promotes Shark Conservation At DEMA Show 3
Charles Davis
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