Tuesday, September 26, 2023
DEMA Show CoverageStepdive: A New Way To Introduce Diving To Children

Stepdive: A New Way To Introduce Diving To Children


DeeperBlue.com had a WOW moment today when we stopped to talk to Tiemen van Dillen the founder and inventor of Stepdive.

At first glance, Stepdive might just be another surface supplied air delivery system. However, that first glance is totally misleading.

The principle behind the product is to introduce children to scuba diving and to provide a safe means to also introduce important diving concepts. Stepdive comes with a five-foot raft that will hold a scuba tank and two hose systems. Each hose system has a harness, regulator and float. The harness can adjust to any size diver, plus it is designed to adjust the length of the hose to the regulator. This means a comfortable fit for anyone, especially children.

Another key element is the float. The position of the float will determine how deep the diver can go. Place the float right behind the harness and the diver stays at the surface but uses the regulator instead of a snorkel. Place it a meter (3.3 feet) from the harness and you can go a meter deep.

Stepdive has also developed a program to introduce children to diving with a focus of learning some fundamentals while enjoying the water with the family.

The Stepdive is available for US$950 plus taxes or 950 Euros including VAT. For more info, go to stepdive.com.

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