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Henderson Aquatics Introduces 100% Neoprene-Free ‘Greenprene’ Wetsuit


New Jersey, USA-based Henderson Aquatics has been a high-quality manufacturer of dive wear and wetsuits since the mid-1960’s and has celebrated many industry “firsts” in their 50 year history, and with the introduction of a 100% neoprene-free wetsuit line, they are once again revolutionizing the wetsuit industry.

Greenprene is a sustainable, warm, stretchy, ultra-durable insulating foam that provides excellent UV resistance. Greenprene is also significantly lighter in weight than traditional neoprene materials and it has been tested and is approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bio Preferred program as a USDA Bio-based product.

According to their website, Greenprene is formulated from “deproteinized” natural insulating foam along with other natural additives such as sugar cane, plant oils and oyster shells. The result is a sustainable Bio-Based insulating foam that is ultra-soft, stretchy, durable and light weight. Greenprene wetsuits will allow you to move freely without restriction while keeping you warm and comfortable in the most demanding conditions.

The outer shell is made from recycled AQUA-SILK exterior fabric laminate, manufactured from recycled water bottles. The fabric was tested and selected for its durability, abrasion and Velcro resistance, as well as its fast drying properties.

The inner shell of recycled BIO-SPAN fabric laminate is also manufactured from recycled water bottles. The fabric was tested and selected for its superior comfort, warmth and ridiculous stretch.

Henderson Aquatics Introduces 100% Neoprene-Free 'Greenprene' Wetsuit 1
Henderson Aquatics Greenprene Wetsuits

Hitting the stores in about a week, the Greenprene line of wetsuits for Men and Women will come packaged in recycled, sustainable packaging, and all tags are even printed on recycled paper, with soy-based, natural inks.

Sold through their worldwide dealer network, the new Greenprene suits are available for purchase immediately. You can find your local dealer and get pricing from them using the handy locator on the Henderson website at

Henderson Aquatics Introduces 100% Neoprene-Free 'Greenprene' Wetsuit 4
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  1. I don’t understand this article. It offers little additional information beyond the marketing claims of Henderson. The suit is basically made from foamed natural rubber that has had the residual protein removed (which Neoprene does not have) to make it hypoallergenic. The main reason we use neoprene instead of natural rubber is that natural rubber degrades at a faster rate due to heat, chemical exposure and UV light. It’s nice that it has natural origins, but I would love to see how long they last. Is there any data on material degradation? I can’t seem to find any.


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