Herbert Nitsch Recovering Well after achieving World Record depth

Herbert Nitsch’s management have issued an official statement on his recent 800ft / 244m No-Limits (NLT) world record attempt dive that ended with him being air-lifted to a decompression chamber in Athens, Greece.

It has been confirmed that Herbert hit his target depth of 800ft / 244m during his dive and re-ascended without any technical issues.  Once he reached his planned stop depth of 10m he felt unwell and physically unstable so was escorted to the surface by his safety team where he took received an oxygen regulator and proceeded with his decompression dive between 6 – 9m.

Despite earlier reports that he hadn’t hit his target depth it has become clear he did manage to, however without a clear and successful surface protocol, published video footage nor any formal AIDA judges there will be doubt in some people’s minds as to whether this dive would constitute a formal World Record.

Latest news from the hospital is that he has been receiving care in an Athens Decompression Chamber and is showing strong signs of recovery although is apparently still in the Intensive Care Unit under close observation.