Sad and shocking images have surfaced from the Caribbean showing a huge island made of plastic debris floating in the ocean.

The images were taken off the island of Roatan, Honduras. They highlight the major problem we currently face with plastic in our oceans. Every year it is estimated 8 million tonnes are dumped in our seas.

Sadly, it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish! The stark picture is further compounded when you consider that the oceans contain an estimated 51 trillion microplastic particles, which is more than 500 times the number of stars in the galaxy.

Various groups are using the images to urge people across the world to reconsider their use of plastic. People are encouraged to take stock of the damage plastic is doing to our environment. Plastic in the Oceans is hurting more than 600 species across the globe, and it is thought that we are now in the midst of the earth’s sixth mass extinction.

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