Italian diver achieves new Ice Freediving Record

On the 24th of February, 2008 a new Dynamic Apnea record wasdone under ice at 43 metres. Leonardo D’imporzano from Italy, plunged intothe icy waters of  Lake Smaraldo -Fondo City, Italy
This was done with AIDA DNF rules, withjudges present.

Previous records under ice are on the 16th of March, 2000 – Dynamic Apnea,without fins or wetsuit, 57,5 metres. Wim Hof, NED, in only his Speedos. (nojudges, no protocol). 

According toApneamania website, the best result known in Constant Weight  is 54m.done in Högsma, Sweden, and the best known in Free Immersion is 56m,Domagoj Jakovac, Croatia.  For moreinformation on previous ice dives check out



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