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Karol Meyer – Oscar of Adventure Sports

Brazilian Freediver and World Record Holder Karol Meyer, has won the Oscar of the adventure sports for the second time.


The 5th Prize Outsiders was the night’s party of the year for all athletes who live in the universe “Outside”, organized by Go Outside magazine, which specializes in tourism, adventure and outdoor sports. Among the honoured athletes, Karol Meyer raised the trophy for the second time and at the same time, the name of the freediving as a prolific adventure sport.



Karol Meyer’s name appears between the sacred monsters of various sports, as in sailing – Torben Grael, swimming and crossings – and Cesar Cielo Poliana Okimoto, in ultra-marathon – Marcos Farinazzo and Cristina de Carvalho, climbing – Felipe Camargo, cycling – Daniela Genovesi, among others.


Karol says “Diving is a symbiosis between man and water, I am very grateful to know that the world of adventure also reminded those who live under the sea!  As an “Outsider” athlete in 2010, I hope to go deeper and further show the beauty of the underwater environment.”


She has also mentioned a special thanks to the sponsor and supporters during the year:  Mormaii, Caixa, Racer Academy, Yogashala, Lira, SOL paragliders, Buddy Dive Resort, Bonaire Tourism Corporation, Musimu coaching, magazine DecoStop and Brasilmergulho. “(Karol Meyer – Outsider).


Furthermore, Karol’s success and constant contributions to the Freediving world can be seen as she has been invited to take part to Europe’s International Pedagogical Campaign for a human body limits project.


She stands among the invited ones such as Pole Vaulter Chystiakova, Weightlifter Savickas, and the Runner Usain Bolt, all kept in a film record and didactic material as well as themed educational panels, a teacher’s program and also guides for students.


Karol Meyer has been chosen for being considered an inspiring conqueror and athlete for the campaign target by young adolescents aged between 13 and 16.


The project will be sponsored by Vodafone, Portugal, that assures free distribution and high level exposure of ” Human Body Limits ” and providing also for the project, focusing on schools in the public educational organization in Portugal, emphasizing and prioritizing the scientific areas of Body Education, Biology, Visual and Technological.


Some of the advertising can be seen here.


Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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