KUBI Dry Glove Systems provides ‘click and go’ simplicity

KUBI Dry Glove Systems features new drysuit gloves at DEMA Show 2015

DeeperBlue.com spoke to Peter Wilson of KUBI Dry Glove Systems about an exciting evolution in dry suit gloves.

Manufactured in the Slovak Republic, these aircraft-grade aluminum Ring Seal Systems are a simple-to-use, extremely durable and slim profile solution to mating gloves to your drysuit.

We all know that dry suits aren’t cheap, and gloves are one of the first points of wear. The KUBI Dry Glove Systems, which can be retro-fitted by the user or factory-installed, literally take “one-click” to separate or mate the two rings. You slip one ring and silicone O-ring over the latex or silicone cuff of your dry suit and fold it down at the throat of the glove. Make sure to size your gloves one size larger than you would normally wear to accommodate the liner. Then the diver just needs to slide the second O-ring and KUBI aluminum ring over the glove’s cuff, leaving enough length in the wrist for full range of motion for the hand.

Four simple parts, two steps and then you just push the two rings together. To separate them, use your thumb and forefinger and just push them apart.

For a factory-integrated cuff, KUBI provides a glue-in option that should be installed by the dry suit manufacturer. This puts one half of the system on the suit permanently. The diver can then change gloves as the conditions require…textured, heavy-duty, thin for dexterity, etc.

The KUBI Dry Glove System is available worldwide. The price is approximately US$200  for the complete system or aluminum rings, O-rings and a KUBI carry bag.

A complete list of distributors can be found on their website at http://www.kubistore.com.

Liner for the KUBI Dry Glove System