Latest Underwater Art Exhibit Now Available For Viewing At Vandenberg Artificial Reef

Austrian art photographer Andreas Franke's latest exhibit at the Vandenberg artificial reef can now be visited by scuba divers.

Who says you can’t get your cultural fix while scuba diving?

The Vandenberg artificial reef off the Florida Keys is once again an underwater art exhibit.

A few days ago, divers installed 12 waterproof photo illustrations on one side of the 523-foot-/159-meter-long ship in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

The Vandenberg sits 90 feet/27 meters below the surface and about seven miles south of Key West.

The images, created by Austrian art photographer Andreas Franke, are sheathed in plexiglass with silicon-sealed, stainless-steel frames.

The exhibit is a continuation of Franke’s “Sinking World” series which made its first appearance on the Vandenberg in 2011, two years after the ship became an artificial reef. This year’s photos include one of ladies talking at a picnic and another of women walking with umbrellas.