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Mares Highlights Brand New Regs At DEMA Show had a look at some of Mares’ new, top-of-the-line regulators and their exciting new features at DEMA Show 2018.

For the first time, Mares have introduced an adjustable system on their second stage by adding a cracking knob whilst maintaining the Mares philosophy of the regulator, the VAD system. This lateral bypass system that is on every regulator is located on the second stage and allows the diver to receive the maximum performance in any depth, and any conditions.

Coming in at the top of the line, the Epic 82X is Mares’ most advanced technology to make it a best-performing regulator. With a diaphragm first stage, swivel turret and five ports, one of which is vertical and has a special coating that contains metal fragments blended in that covers the first stage to offer scratch and corrosion resistance with a more technical appearance. The second stage has the adjustable VAD function and also the adjustable cracking pressure.

Next up is the same version but a much lighter one, about 150 grams/5.3 ounces difference of the Epic 82X and it far more comfortable in the mouth. The Ultra Adjustable 82X sports the same first stage, same second stage like the Epic but in a polymer material.

The Ultra has the twin power system that adjusts the venturi effort but the difference is that there is no adjust knob to adjust cracking pressure on the second stage.

This is the only first stage in the world that has four horizontal ports and four vertical ports totaling eight LP ports, perfectly suited for both recreational divers and also technical divers as you can easily route your hoses.

This very exciting collection will be available soon and all of the new line will have a complimentary octopus available.

For more details on price and release dates, contact your local dive shop or check out

— Victoria Brown

Mares Highlights Brand New Regs At DEMA Show
Mares Highlights Brand New Regs At DEMA Show DEMA Team DEMA Team
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