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ScubaJet: Scootin’ Its Way To The Top was able to catch up with Mark McQueen at DEMA Show 2018 to get the low-down on the ScubaJet and what it is bringing to the table to truly enhance our days in the water.

This is an innovative dive scooter that is aiming to allow many of us to enjoy more time in the water doing what we love — whether that be diving, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking or even heading out on a dinghy. One of the major perks that makes this product so versatile is its modular system, allowing it to be adapted for optimal performance in these varying watersports.

The compact size and attention to the importance of lightweight equipment makes this propulsion system a great travel companion for any dive trip. With the entire compact, torpedo-shaped unit weighing just shy of 6 lbs/2.7 kg (including its battery), it is certainly the smallest dive scooter on the market.

The ScubaJet has been designed to easily secure to your dive kit, stand-up paddle board or other water craft. An added highlight is that it doubles as a pretty incredible light with its built in 1500-lumen light. Talk about dive efficiency!

They always says good things come in small packages – and it appears that ScubaJet is living up to this. Don’t let its size fool you, this little scooter packs a punch with 44lbs/20kgs of thrust. On average this will get you cruising at about 5 miles/8km per hour, while still offering a few setting options for those who don’t prefer to put the pedal to the metal.

The travel-sized battery has been tested to last about the equivalent of two tanks of air, depending on the speed the user selects. A second, slightly larger battery option is also available for those water lovers who need a little more time zipping around. This longer-lasting option will provide enough battery life to last the equivalent of four tanks of air.

You can get one of these “dive buddies” in your hands for a retail price of US$1695 (~1484 Euros) and find more information at

— Natalie Blea

ScubaJet at DEMA Show 2018
ScubaJet at DEMA Show 2018 DEMA Team DEMA Team
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